SF6 Gas and Gas Reclaiming

SF6 Gas and Gas Reclaiming

SF6 Gas is considered to be the best dielectric medium for EHV Switchgears upto 400 KV because of its properties, with this, we are preventing SF6 gas to enter atmosphere thereby arresting global warming. We at OVAC, can store, supply, reclaim from poles / empty cylinders, purify SF6 gas, with the help of our imported Haskel make portable reclaiming machines

SF6 Gas is available in Standard Capacity Cylinders of 11kg, 25kg, 36kg, and 50kg. Under NTP, SF6 is in gaseous form. It is filled in cylinder at 0oC to 5oC. Hence under completely filled cylinder, Bulk of the cylinder is filled with liquid SF6. As gas is used from new cylinder, liquid gas level drops in side cylinder, which ultimately reduces weight and pressure of gas. At certain stage the cylinder is declared as empty where as 1/2 to 1 kg of gas is still there in the cylinder.

With the help of HASKEL Model 52089 SF6 gas can be efficiently reclaimed from such cylinders as well as SF6 breaker poles and reused after filtering. The unit requires 4-10 bar compressed air supply to generate pressure upto 35 bar and can empty cylinder 260 torr vacuum.

We also have range of imported and indigenously normally developed filters for purification of Gas.

However for the highest GWP of around 20000!